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Being a foremost construction firm, we supply both technical and engineering solutions for construction and maintenance of bridges and other structures. We provide our clients with specialized services which respond to their technical problems. Our products include:

MK4 Canada Products

  • Suspended structures

    Suspended structures

    MK4 Canada as a specialist in the design and implementation of structural solutions for bridge construction offers their Clients a wide range of engineered solution for all type of stayed, suspended and hanging structures.

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  • Incremental launching methodology

    Incremental launching methodology

    The concept of the Incremental Launched Method is to cast or assemble successive deck segments of approximately 15-30 meters long in a stationary formwork on concrete bridges

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  • Bearings and expansion joints

    Bearings and expansion joints

    Bridge bearings support vertical and horizontal loads and permit limited rotation around any horizontal axis and have therefore, an extremely wide range of applications.

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  • Postensioning


    Our postensioning system proposed, includes a gear range of anchorages, accessories and the necessary equipment to respond to the technical requirements for the construction of bridges and other structures.

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  • Cable stay

    Cable stay

    The progress of Stayed Bridges has followed the need for bridging larger spans more economically and to the concept of magnificent land marks that these kinds of bridges introduce in the infrastructure networks.

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  • Special Projects

    Special Projects

    MK4 Canada has a highly experienced staff of engineers and technicians, with the relevant expertise working and developing solution for the construction industry and is regularly involved in special projects that due to their size, location or technical complexity require special developed tailor-made solutions.

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